SRT farmers got a competitive advantage going into the rabbi season. As they undertook the next rabbi crop on the same existing raised beds, they were able to save time, labour and cost which enabled them to optimally utilise the residual moisture available in the soil.

           Around 12 farmers undertook onion crop in Pune for the first time during this rabbi season. These plots are now ready for harvest and the experience so far of these farmers have been excellent. As per their observation, the crop has been uniform and the expected yield should be more than the traditional method. Also, they feel that SRT will reduce the loss while uprooting for harvesting. Similarly, for the first time a farmer is cultivating Jowar on SRT raised beds and we are closely following these efforts. Other rabbi crops on SRT includes Wheat, Onion, Wal bean,  cow pea, horse-gram, watermelon, leafy vegies, tomato, brinjal, okra, cabbage, etc.

Below are SRT farmers pictures showcasing their rabbi crops on SRT. The SRT adoption years of these happy farmers vary from few on their 1st year of SRT to some of their 6th year of successful SRT farming.

Please hover the cursor on the farmers pictures for information about the farmer and the crop taken.

  1. Pune Region

2. Satara

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3. Ratnagiri Region

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4. Raiagd

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5. Thane

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6. Nashik

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7. Ahmednagar

shri kashinath khole pendshet akole ahmadnagar
Shri Kashinath Khole Pendshet Akole Ahmadnagar

8. Vidarbha

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With warm regards,
Shekhar Bhadsavle
Founder and Managing Trustee,
Saguna Rice Technique (SRT) and Saguna Rural Foundation (SRF)

9 thoughts on “NEWSLETTER NO. 22 : SRT IN RABBI 2018

  1. अभिनंदन!खूपच छान! या सर्व पिकांचे अर्थशास्त्र लिहून ठेवले पाहिजे.

  2. Yet another feather in cap of srt method… nothing would be better than executing srt in cropping systems as a whole.

  3. SRT will certainly improve happiness index of farmers and environmental activist..

    Hats off to Chandrashekarji and the whole saguna family

  4. shekhardada
    it is so tempting for me to become farmer. SRT has made farmers happy and prosperous with lot of quality time to spend with the family. its a great success. congratulations !

    1. I am doing M. Sc economics and for study purpose I need complete information about SRT . Like, total investment,net benefits , profit ect. For that purpose I need contact number of farmers or is there any organisation . Please help me

      1. Namaste Rohit Patil
        This is great you are interested in our work. Sure we will give you all the information you need. Please text me your email address or call me on 7798720272.

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