Krishi Ratna Krishi Bhushan Shri Chandrashekhar Hari Bhadsavle

Son of Late Shri Hari D Bhadsavle (Freedom Fighter)

Personal Info

Born 29th Jan 1950, married, started with about 35 acres of family land, now have more than 55 acres of cultivation. Out of this about 10 acres under 6 earthen ponds for aquaculture, 15 acres for agro forestry, 10 acres for horticulture, 15 acres for field crops, 5 acres for cattle barns, vermicomposting and activated slurry project. All of this is integrated with tourism without loosing land under cultivation to make a perfect example of Agro Tourism.


  1. MS(Food Tech) University of California, Davis, 1972. A paper in American Journal of Microbiology “Isolation & identification of Psychrophilic, spore forming, anaerobic, bacteria from milk”.
  2. BSc(Agri) Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli 1970.

Work Experience

  1. Founder and Managing Trustee(2016-till date), Saguna Rural Foundation(SRF)
  2. Chief Promoter, June 2014-2016: PPP-IAD program by Govt of Maharashtra to popularize SRT, the zero-till rice based farming method.
  3. Successful farmer; working since 1976 to date. Raised ‘Saguna Baug‘ to a status where many in the society know this ‘Farm/Farmer’ and wish to visit the place  with eagerness. This was my dream that ‘farmer should get dignity‘. Gave birth to the concept “Krishi Paryatan“, demonstrated the concept in the country for the first time, now a very popular concept through out India. Wrote first book (two editions in Marathi and one in Hindi language) on the subject “Krishi Paryatan”.  Also developed a revolutionary (according to Dr Jayantrao Patil (Dahanu) & Prof. M S Swaminathan) new technique “SRT”, a Zero till Conservation Agriculture technique for rice based farming system.
  4. 1972 to 75 worked in various companies in California, USA.

Few dozen of articles written on “Krishi Paryatan” by him or about his work in various languages in India. Many presentations to students, farmers, scientists on varied subjects such as Snakes the Friends, Agro Eco Tourism, Aquaculture, Modern Rice Cultivation, Social aspects such as Find a Farmer Friend, Bamboo, Onion and so on. Organized many Farmers Meets.

Traveled to Australia(2013), Nepal(2009), Israel(1989, 1992), Switzerland(2005, 2015), USA(1970, 1984, 2005, 2015), Italy(2015), Iceland(2019) for Agriculture and Tourism study.

Lectures in India and foreign countries

  1. FAO, Rome, 23rd Sept. 2015: Zero till/Conservation agriculture practices for Rice based farming system: insights from India.
  2. International conference on irrigated rice, 17 Sept. 2015, Expo 2015, Milan: Water use optimization in shrimp and rice production in India.
  3. Zurich, Manessia Turicensis 22nd Sept. 2015: Growing rice aerobically by avoiding generation of greenhouse gases(GHG) and with less water.
  4. Cornell University, USA, 5th May 2015: Growing No Till Rice with SRT – Increasing productivity with the Saguna Rice Technique.
  5. The 2nd World Irrigation Forum(WIF) 2016 at Thailand, Watsave Award for “Increased productivity of rice while saving water”
  6. Regional Review and Planning Workshop, 24-25 April 2017, Hanoi, Vietnam: Sustaining and enhancing the momentum for innovation and learning around the system of rice intensification.
  7. Invitation by Livelihoods-Venture, Paris and Asian Institute of Technology(AIT) Thailand for dissemination of SRT technology to Thai farmers. November 2017.
  8. Presentation of SRT case study by NCCSD India at COP23, Bonn. November 2017.


  1. Saguna Vansanvardhan Technique(SVT) – A technique for prevention of forest fires and rejuvenation of degraded hills and waste lands.
  2. Saguna Regenerative Technique(SRT) – A technique where no plowing, puddling and transplanting is required and get best crop and protect and improve fertility of soil.
  3. Developed easiest, quickest, cheapest, confidence building method to control crab problem in rice paddies and to protect environment from erosion.
  4. Developed a technique to produce rice with drip irrigation and poly mulch film to reduce water requirement by 50%.
  5. Pioneer of Krishi Paryatan(Agro tourism) in India.  New concepts in tourism such as Pond House  and WB Ride i.e. Water Buffalo Ride (integration of aquaculture with tourism)
  6. Developed an easy technique to control menace of some aggressive foreign vines weeds(e.g. Chromolaena odorata aka ‘communist weed’)
  7. Developed two rice varieties through Genetic mutation thru radiation technique.


  1. Research Advisory Committee of Central Mushroom Res Institute, Solan (2009 and 2010), Director of Rice Research, Hyderabad (2010 & 2011).
  2. The award Selection Committee, Jagjivan Ram Kisan Puruskar, ICAR, N.D.
  3. Life member: Association of Food Scientists & Technologists of India
  4. Life Member: Asian Fisheries Association


  1. Krishiratna Award by Hon. Governor C Vidyasagar Rao. 14th February 2019
  2. Earth Care Award(SAARC) by JSW and Times of India. 25th November 2016
  3. WatSave Farmer Award by International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage in Thailand. 8th November 2016
  4. Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar by RCF, Chembur. 26th January 2016
  5. Krishi Gaurav Puraskar by Bharat Krushak Samaaj. January 2016
  6. Lectures on SRT – Zero till –Conservation Agriculture for Rice at Milan, FAO Rome and Zurich (14th to 24 Sept 2015)
  7. Innovative Farmer Leader, Dir of Rice Research- Hyderabad 29 Aug 2015
  8. Speech at Cornell University, Ethica, “Growing No-Till Rice with SRT Increasing Productivity with the Saguna Rice Technique” May 5th, 2015
  9. ABP Maza Sanman Puraskar, Mumbai, 30th Jan 2015
  10. Hutatma Gaurav Puraskar, 2015, Raigad Press Club
  11. Vasantrao Naik Pratishthan Puruskar, Mumbai 1st July2014
  12. Udyog Shree Puraskar in the hands of Dr Anil Kakodkar, Mumbai, Jan 2012
  13. Innovative Rice Farmer, Director of Rice Res., Hyderabad 2011
  14. Jagjeevan Ram Kisan Puraskar, ICAR, N Delhi 2004
  15. Arekar Pratishthan Puraskar, Karjat 2004
  16. Asian Fisheries Puraskar, CIFE, Mumbai 2002
  17. L M Patel Farmer of the Year Award, Aspee Foundation, Mumbai 2001
  18. Krishi Bhushan, Govt of Maharashtra, 1998
  19. Vasantrao Naik Puraskar, Pusad 1994
  20. Innovative Farmer, Indian Society of Extension Education, N Delhi 1992