Saguna Regenerative Technique is a unique new method of cultivation the rice and related rotation crops without ploughing, puddling and transplanting (rice) on permanent raised beds. This is a zero till, Conservation Agriculture (CA) type of cultivation method evolved at Saguna Baug, Neral, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, India


What’s so special about SRT?

The permanent raised beds used in this method facilitates ample of oxygen supply to root zone area while maintaining optimum moisture condition there. The great farmer of Kolhapur Shri. Pratap Chiplunkar said “Stop Ploughing!” We made suitable changes in the conventional rice cultivation to ease farmers’ laborious work and to prevent fertility loss during puddling.


The SRT iron forma(the tool will be better soon) facilitates planting of crop in predetermined distances enabling precise plant population per unit area. Absence of puddling and transplanting of rice makes it possible for “Not dependent on erratic behavior of rain.” This means ‘No more waiting for Rain God to shower just optimum rain for best transplanting operation’. Similarly if rain vanishes for few days during crop season it doesn’t lead to cracking of land or ‘crop kill’ immediately.