For Farmers As there is no puddling, transplanting and hand hoeing,we save 50% water, 40% cost of production & not requiring transplanting saves 50% treacherous labour. SRT has ability to bring “Vigorous Uniformity” and higher yields in all soil types even in degraded soils and socio-economic groups. For example a very new farmer and well established awarded farmer and agricultural universities will…

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PREPARATION OF BEDS In this method we have to till the soil and make the raised beds only once. The same permanent beds will be used again and again to grow various rotation crops after rice in Kharif season. Please study the multiple advantages over and again; also try your own permutations and experimentation. But…

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Impact on Farmer Economic The yield has increased from 30 quintals to 50 quintals per hector. Social The farmers have become happy (on 1-10 scale 100 farmers survey indicated 8.58 happiness index), confident and dignified towards the farming profession. Able youth has started returning to farms. Farmers become more confident about their profession. Lost dignity…

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At TEDxSomaiyaVidyavihar speaking on Dignity to Farmer & Farmer Friendly Techniques Ekla Chalo Re Interview about Agrotourism(Marathi) Lecture at Global Farmer Network (GFN) conference in Mexico January 2020 – Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle

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Soil Water Infiltration Experiments[English] Soil Water Infiltration Experiments[Marathi]

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