Newsletter No. 13 : SRT for Ragi on hill slopes and visiting farmers

Namaste All,

From the land of greens, last week we covered north to south stretch of 600kms which was different shades of pleasantly greens. The SRT farmers all over are also very happy.

Inclusion of task number 3 :

We have now decided to focus our attention for hill millets to be cultivated by SRT method which is practiced especially by aadivasis on hill slopes. The conventional method of ploughing on mild hill slopes for Ragi transplanting which attracts huge resistance by environmentalists and forest authorities for its characteristics of tremendous soil erosion. Another objectionable part of the practice is that these farmers each year change the spot of planting the millet.

In the Kharif of 2017 we have noticed that more than a dozen SRT farmers have attempted growing Ragi and Wari by SRT method who all seem to be heading for wonderful harvest.

The farm women Mrs. Darshana Nivalkar of Khed, Ratnagiri has been attempting Ragi by SRT method since Kharif 2015. With all the advantages of SRT growing of hill millets by SRT method is likely to open up a completely new avenue which we have now accepted as task number 3.

More and more SRT farmers are experiencing happiness and confidence in adopting CA- SRT Zero Till method for rice cultivation.

  1. Ratnagiri region
  2. Raigad region
  3. Pune region
  4. Nashik region
  5. Chandrapur regionIMG-20170722-WA0011
  6. Bhandara regionIMG-20170822-WA0012
  7. Thane  
  8. SataraShri. Mohan Lad Satara

SRT (Saguna Rice Technique)  Definition:

It is a Conservation Agriculture (CA), Zero Till method of farming which does not cause atrocity of tillage, completely stops soil erosion, promotes natural production of earthworms, increases organic carbon of the soil, considerably increases productivity of the land and added effect of amazing happiness and confidence to the farmer.

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