NEWSLETTER NO. 20 : Forest fire

                                                                                                                                     20 Dec 2018

Dear One,

My team and myself we experienced something amazing yesterday afternoon about wildfire on one of the hill under SVT (Saguna Vansaunvardhan Tantra) trial along with forest department.

The hill number 2 (forest survey number 50 A, Neral, Karjat, Raigad) out of four SVT treated hills consists of 73 hectares of forest land and about 100 hectares of private land. Me with the team of SVT and team of forest workers were on our routine work and observation spree yesterday (19 Dec 2018) at about 10 am.

At about 11 o’clock we noticed smoke in one corner of the private part of the hill about 3/4th kilometer away. That being at a windy and dry situation we instantly judged the seriousness of the situation. The fire was growing and the wave was travelling at almost 1 meter per minute speed. Immediately we stopped all our ongoing work and got the team ready on other side of SVT treated fireline with all the team efforts and instructions about safety.

By about 12 noon the wave of fire reached the top with full inertia where we were standing on the other side of SVT fireline. At that most critical moment (for all of us highly experienced with wildfire) we actually felt the blessings of Almighty which I wish to share with you humbly; “the fire wave gave up quietly with full respect to the SVT fireline”. At this point the SVT fireline created by weedicide is 10 meter wide.


The fire continued to engulf rest of the private hill at very high speed till about 3:30 pm afternoon. It finished most of the biomass to zero in a stretch of almost two kilometers; a pretty vast area (100+ hectares). What surprised us the most was at such a hot, dry and windy time of the day there was no known force which could have stopped the might of the fire wave. But instant stopping of the fire wave has actually happened. And during the whole ordeal all the biomass on about 100 hectares of private land has turned into ashes while even 1 square meter of forest land did not burn away which has almost 16 – 17 thousand new plantation.



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I am very sure that such a miraculous stopping of wildfire in the specific given situation, without any extinguishing efforts has never happened before.  

Please take a look at this link :

Thank you and regards,
Shekhar Bhadsavle
Team leader, SVT team.
And Forest Dept R & D Pune.

Definition of Saguna Van-sauvardhan Tantra (SVT):

It is a simple, low cost and effective technique which stops wildfires by converting the inflammable dry grass into organic manure and fixing of atmospheric carbon, promoting natural production of earthworms and soil aggregation, completely stopping soil erosion, there by initiating water infiltration, thus once again regenerating greenery and biodiversity on degraded lands.

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