NEWSLETTER NO. 21 : Forest fire – 2nd acid test of SVT

Dear One,

            Here I am sharing with you another thrilling experience of wildfire on hill number 3 (forest survey number 310 – area 19 ha) within 15 days after the first one. In both cases the fire was ignited by some miscreant person.

                This 2nd incidence of igniting the hill happened on 4th January 2019 at about 10 am in the morning, when Parshuram, Anil and myself (the hardcore team) were far away from the headquarters. Again it was a dry and windy day. Four of our team members (SVT Sevaks) were on their job of routine maintenance and they noticed the smoke from other side of the hill.

The differences in these cases of hill no 3 from the hill no 2 (15 days ago) were as follows:

Hill no 2

Hill no 3

1. About 60% area (100 ha) is private land and only forest area (73 ha) was SVT treated. 1. About 90% area (19 ha) is forest land and was completely SVT treated.
2. Was ignited at only one place in private area which burnt away 100 ha of private land. 2. The attempt of ignition was done at three places within 30 minutes which could burn away only 15% of the biomass.
3. The igniting was done at the bottom of the hill at only one place causing huge destruction. 3. The attempt was done from the top of the hill at 3 places causing very little destruction.
4. The person igniting the fire was not detected. 4. The person igniting the fire was detected but could not be nabbed because the priority was to put off the fire.
5. The fire was successfully put off due to SVT fire line without crossing over to forest area, without any human physical effort. 5. It took 25 men to overcome the fire for about two and half hours.

 This second acid test has helped us draw some more conclusions as follows:

  1. SVT treated fire belts have proved 100% to be fire arresting lines in case of these wildfires. These belts also helped immensely to the fire fighting men at the time of extreme emergency.
  2. The most common observation during forest plantation is that there plantations are destroyed by wildfires 100%. We can now conclude that in such large plantations, if such antifire belts are first created by SVT method before plantation, a great help can be offered for percent survival to these new plants.
  3. It is amazing to notice that the high temperature of flames withered away trees as high as 6 to 8 feet yet didn’t affect the plantation inside the SVT sleeve.

         Immediately on the next day the hardcore team made above observations. We teamed up with the Forest and Police departments and with their co-operation started our attempt to nab the culprit. Today evening we will start showcasing our effort of reviving hills in the villages through Audio Visual meetings with the local folks.

         There was no person who could take photos of the ordeal while it was happening but following photographic data is collected within 24 hours of happening of the scene.

1 sapling in the svt sleeve escaped fire enjury as against the one which was not protected
Sapling in the SVT sleeve escaped fire injury as against the one which was not protected.
2 flames scorched the tree up to 8 feet yet saplings in the svt sleeves were safe
Flames scorched the tree up to 8 feet yet saplings in the SVT sleeves were safe.
3 the fire engulfed the grass on both sides of the plantation line yet the svt sleeves and the plants inside were very safe
The fire engulfed the grass on both sides of the plantation line yet the SVT sleeves and the plants inside were very safe.
4 the fire did not cross the svt fire line
The fire did not cross the SVT fire line.
5 most of the places svt anti fire belt didn't allow fire to cross over
Most of the places SVT anti fire belt didn’t allow fire to cross over.
6 the miracle the vast burnt area didn't burn the svt sleeves and protected the plantation
The Miracle : the vast burnt area didn’t burn the SVT sleeves and protected the plantation.

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7 interacting with locals to help nab the mindless culprit
Interacting with locals to help nab the mindless culprit.          


Definition of Saguna Van-sauvardhan Tantra (SVT):

It is a simple, low cost and effective technique which stops wildfires by converting the inflammable dry grass into organic manure and fixing of atmospheric carbon, promoting natural production of earthworms and soil aggregation, completely stopping soil erosion, there by initiating water infiltration, thus once again regenerating greenery and biodiversity on degraded lands.

Thank you and warm regards,

Shekhar Bhadsavle

4 thoughts on “NEWSLETTER NO. 21 : Forest fire – 2nd acid test of SVT

  1. Dear Shekhardada
    Its an amazing evidence .
    you have done a great service to Mankind and the technique will save our forests, a major natural resource
    Your SVT technique is a magic solution to save our forest from forest fires.
    It must reach as many people as possible . Congratulations !

    1. Dearest Dada
      The efforts and results are ‘as usual’ – unprecendented !! Its a very endearing and delightful feeling for you and your entire team !! Indeed a wondrous job. Our compliments, congratulations and allll.
      Deepest Regards

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