1. Indian Social Responsibility Network (ISRN) The NGO has carried out an extraordinary task of documentation and compilation of the best practices of sustainable development in the four volumes “The Vision of  Antyodaya”. We are happy to mention that SRT has been selected and documented in volume 2 on pages 270-272. We are grateful to the team ISRN for helping for taking this useful technology to uplift the smallest of the needy farmer to build strong India. Please check out the following link :

2. Attending Global Farmer Network (GFN) at Mexico city during Jan 12 – 18 was very important experience. It was noticed that farmers around the globe have common problems such as lack of dignity for the monotonous hard work, rising age of the farmers, climate change a major concern, governments not very serious to scientifically solve farmers problems, depleting soil organic carbon and soil erosion, and so an. I was able to effectively share our experience of Agro Tourism and No Till SRT Method to bring in sustainability of farming profession which was well received by all participants.

3. I was very lucky to visit Tuskegee University, Alabama, a holy place for all agricultural fraternity. Dr C.S. Prakash a dean at the University kindly organized my visit there. It was heartening to be on the soils which were managed by the great sage Dr. George Washington Carver. It was a amazing experience to take the soil in hand from “The Old Rotation” (120 Years old rotation) and feel the softness and the fragrance of the soil. I got the instantaneous feeling that SRT also is a right path that we are walking on.

4. Wheat after Rice by SRT method, without stubble burning at Ramtek, Nagpur. The farmer Mr Shrinivas Pande has been following SRT without ploughing for past 3 years. He learnt about SRT through YouTube and WhatsApp Video call with our Team. There are at least 12-15 farmers in Pune & Nagpur districts who are practicing SRT for wheat after rice without stubble burning. We are now developing a new method of extension called “Spider Farmer” who is motivated about No Till and who will weave a net of knowledge sharing with fellow farmers.

impact of SRT on green cover during March, increased land utility, increased income and improved livelihood of the farmer. inCollage_20200309_110142442

Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle

Krishi Ratna & Krishi Bhushan.

Founder and Managing Trustee, 
Saguna Rice Technique (SRT) and Saguna Rural Foundation (SRF)
Saguna Baug, Malegaon, Neral, Karjat, Raigad
Maharashtra 4110101 India


5 thoughts on “NEWSLETTER NO : 26

  1. Respected Dada
    Great to learn of visit as well as learn of the progress and get updated with success stories. As always, posts/reports are extremely inspiring. We continue our efforts and endeavors towards making meaningful contribution in your untiring task.

  2. It’s very heartening to see the recognition you are receiving thro ” The Vision of Antyodaya” and also internationally by invitation from Mexico for international conference.
    Glad to see various pictures depicting wide spread benefits various pharmers are enjoying which proves conclusively the success and all round acceptance of the technique developed by you. Cheers to you, your SRT team and the pharming community!

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