It’s been four months now since COVID has arrived. We wish you all good health. Following is the progress of SRT in the past four months.

To reach farmers and handhold them we have started Virtual Video Conferences/Webinars with the help of Kisan Forum Pune. In the last three months we successfully organised a total 20 Webinars and 2 Facebook live sessions. We got a good number of participation in each webinar. 

All webinars and facebook live sessions we will upload soon on our Youtube channel ( Some of them have already been uploaded. Following are the links :


Without physically reaching the farmer’s fields the technique has provided great results. We were able to motivate more than 350 farmers to actually start SRT in their farms spread over six agro-climatic zones. We think this is the biggest achievement of SRT on the baseline of previous efforts. 

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Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle

Krishi Ratna & Krishi Bhushan.

Founder and Managing Trustee, 
Saguna Rice Technique (SRT) and Saguna Rural Foundation (SRF)
Saguna Baug, Malegaon, Neral, Karjat, Raigad
Maharashtra 4110101 India

SRT (Saguna Rice Technique)  Definition:      It is a Conservation Agriculture (CA), Zero Till method of farming which does not cause atrocity of tillage, completely stops soil erosion, promotes natural production of earthworms, increases organic carbon of the soil, considerably increases productivity of the land and added effect of amazing success, happiness and confidence to the farmer.

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