Our objectives

  • Agriculture research, education, and extension to the farmers.
  • Development of rural India.
  • Research and spreading knowledge about carbon sequestration for stable environment through planting cover crops in agriculture land.
  • Finding methods and their extension of farming for mitigation and adaption to climate change.
  • Offer help to those in need from rural India.
  • Research and extension in high rainfall zone to stop water that flow away in floods, using the same for wealth generation.
  • To advance and propagate education and learning including the establishment, maintenance and support or conduct or administer educational institutions including schools, colleges, hostels, libraries and reading halls and/or conducting or administrating professorships, lectureships, scholarships, workshops and prices and/or for establishing and maintaining and/or conducting a Chair in a university at graduate and post-graduate level and/or for research and otherwise for advance education in all its aspects and specifically connected with provision of end of life care to person suffering from cancer and other life limiting diseases.
  • To grant loans, scholarships, awards or other financial assistance on such terms and conditions as the trustees deem fit to scholars, research workers, lectures, teachers, poor and needy farmers or any other person or persons whomsoever in the furtherance of the objects of these presents.


The total number of trustees shall not be less three or not more than nine.

Mr.Chandrashekhar Haribhau Bhadsavle, Mrs.Ketaki Anant Mhaskar, Mrs.Anuradha Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle, Mr.Santosh Chandrakant Bhadsavle and Dr.Kasturi Chandrashekhar Bhadsavle shall be trustees for life.

All other Trustees including the other Trustees under these presents shall hold office for not more than two(2) consecutive terms of three years each such term starting from the dates of their respective appointments.

Regi. No.  E-32621(Mumbai)

12A No. & 80G Regi No. are expected soon