In this method we have to till the soil and make the raised beds only once. The same permanent beds will be used again and again to grow various rotation crops after rice in Kharif season. Please study the multiple advantages over and again; also try your own permutations and experimentation. But pay real good attention in making these permanent raised beds.

Draw lines for bed making

The best time to make these beds is immediately after kharif paddy harvesting, is in October. Good ploughing and tilling can be done with available residual moisture or by giving irrigation. Add desirable and / or available quantity of any organic manure. Finally till it with rotavator or power tiller to make it workable.

Draw parallel lines with help of rope and lime or wood ash at 136 cm i.e 4.5 feet apart. Use tractor drawn ‘Bed maker’ or any other means to open furrows at marked lines and make raised beds.

Raised bed making by BBF machineggg

Make depressions / holes with SRT iron forma on the raised beds. Sow / dibble 2 seeds of either Wal beans (Kokan Wal no. 2) or Gram (Vijay), or bush type Cowpea (Kokan Sadabahar) or Horse Gram (Dapoli no. 1) as per recommended variety and distances. Apply fungicides and / or beneficial microorganisms to the seed as per the agriculture university guidelines. Irrigate plot with best possible available method. 3 to 4 hours later spray the plot with selective weedicide Goal (Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC) @ 1 ml per litter of water. The crop is ready for harvest till 3rd or 4th week of February. Cut the plants leaving roots and 2 to 3 inches stem on the beds.

Its very important to leave the roots of previous crop in to soil and spray the plot with Glyphoset  (15 lit water + 100 ml Glyphoset + 50 g of Urea) 3 to 4 days after harvesting the crop.

Summer moong beans are to be planted after the winter crop on the same beds between 25th February to 10th March. SRT iron forma and selective weedicide like Goal are to be used.

Same raised beds are to be used again without any ploughing or puddling or transplanting for next Kharif rice crop.

1) SEED SOWING –  Approximately 3–4 days before rain begins, make holes on beds by SRT iron forma and put 3 to 4 treated rice seeds in each hole, press it with mixture of manure or good soil ( 10 Kg. manure and 400 g. Suphala)



2) WEED CONTROL – Next day after the first rain spray selective weedicide Goal (Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC) @ one ml per litter of water.


3) GAP FILLING – At about 4 leaf stage carryout gap filling by using extra seedlings from nearby hills.


4) FERTILIZING – Between 25 to 30 days carryout manual weeding without walking on beds and press a Urea (DAP) briquetes or one tea spoonful of Suphala in between 4 hills / plants.

#15.5.1 Urea brickets

5) FARM CARE – Soon the plots will start looking very nice. We need to pay attention for control of crabs (press Gliricidia leaves in holes & plug with mud), clean bunds, water levels in the plots and so on.


6) INSECT CONTROL – Its good idea to make a simple light trap for insects, stay in touch with experts of university and control pest problems just in time.

Light Trap

7) POST HARVESTING PRACTICES – 2 to 3 days after harvesting of paddy spray Glayphoset as mentioned above.